Safe Salon Services

As always, with the Coronavirus spreading across the country, I want my clients to be assured that I am providing safe salon services at the Corepoint Salon and spa in Terre Haute and Dana.

To ensure your safety and mine, I am continuing to wear gloves, washing tools with hot, soapy water, disinfecting tools in hospital grade disinfection solution, clean and sanitize my pedicure rooms between clients. I have always followed Indiana state regulations for cleaning and sanitation.

At the Corepoint salon in Terre Haute, clients are being asked wash their hands before any service. A restroom is available near the front door. I always sanitize my hands before any service. These precautions are in place to protect clients and myself through this unusual time.

If you are sick, please call to cancel your appointment and reschedule when you are well. I have not been out of the country in many years and I am quite well.  I hope you understand I am thinking of you all and I wish you the best of health in the weeks to come.

Thank you,

Laura Marshall


Safe Salon Practices at Nails by Laura

  • Lucas-cide is a hospital grade Virucide, Fungicide, & Bactericide, includmg Coronavirus, disinfectant used for disinfecting tools, and sanitiizng surfaces between clients

  • Footsie pedicure bowl with disposable liners.

  • Disposable files

  • Hand sanitizer sprayed on feet and hands of clients before services begin

  • All stainless steel tools washed in hot, soapy water, disinfected in Lucas-cide for 10 minutes.

  • gloves worn during all services

  • masks worn, if necessary

  • private suite for services

Hours and Specials

By appointment only

Tuesday-Thursdays @ Corepoint Salon and Spa in Terre Haute, IN

Fridays and Saturdays @ The 

Corepoint Salon in Dana, IN

Loyalty Reward Program


After five appointments, get $5 off the sixth appointment.

Gift Certificates are available from Laura at either location.

By Appointment Only

As a Solo Nail Technician, I work by appointment only. Please call or text to reach me to make an appointment.

Please make me aware the service you are interested in and the time and date you desire. You may also book online at


Note: Please do not compare my pricing or services to another salon or spa.

  • I specialize in restoring clients feet and toes to a healthier condition, have less pain or discomfort and rebuild or correct the nail shape to improve comfort and appearance. 

  • I hold higher certifications than the average nail technician in order to resolve chronic conditions of the feet and nails.

  • I use specialized products, state of the art tools and equipment.

  • I maintain higher standards of disinfection and hospital grade sanitation.

  • Pedicure prices can only be truly assessed after I have determined the condition of the client's feet and toenails.

  • Prices effective March 1, 2020.

My mission statement

As a certified master pedicurist, I want to offer diabetics, seniors and sensitive clients with compromised feet, a safe and transformational pedicure giving clients an exceptional foot care experience.

"Always put your best foot forward"

American Proverb

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